“The First Voyage Around The World”

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Juegos temáticos, relacionados con la primera vuelta al mundo, para diferentes soportes, como son los smartphone, tablet, play, ordenador... Persiguen fines didácticos.

Elcano and Magellan videojuego

Help Elcano with your knowledge!

Didactic game of questions and answers related to the first voyage around the world for different media, such as smartphones and tablets.

Application for smartphone or tablet about the adventure of the first voyage around the world and related topics. The App in basque language, “Lehen Mundu Bira”, and Spanish, “La Primera Vuelta al Mundo”, can be downloaded already from Google Play and Apple Store, and is focused on a family audience.

It is a question and answer game whichs’ goal is to try to answer correctly the largest number of questions to achieve the highest possible score. The questions are divided in 4 categories: The Journey, Cultures, Continents and Oceans.

The category “The Journey" includes the questions that are only related to the first voyage around the world of Elcano and Magellan, and the other three categories include more generic questions. Each question offers 3 possible answers. The player also has three help wildcards on which rely throughout the questionnaire.

The Round to the World in Virtual Reality

A state-of-the-art technology resource with a didactic objective: to travel virtually to several of the scenarios designed for the film and to document yourself with the most relevant data about this historical feat.

Elcano and Magellan videojuego

Travel virtually the Nao Victoria and the 5 continents!

Who puts on the virtual glasses, can enter the Nao Victoria and go through its cabins and cellars. It will also allows to travel to the quays of Seville in the 16th century, to an indigenous village in Brazil, to the island of Cebu, to the enemy village of Mactan, to the palace of Tidor and to Cape Verde.

Using the points indicated in each scenario, the virtual traveler can decide whether or not to activate the information sheet of the place where he is to know, for example, the constructive characteristics of the Nao Victoria, the battle where Magellan died, or the difficulties that the expedition in Cape Verde faced in the last stage of the great voyage.

It is a project developed together with Tecnalia with the support of the R&D department of the Ministry of Culture and Language Policy of the Basque Government.